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in codeshunger we focus more on building the knowldege through pratically in the class instead of only theory we make sure that the concepts which u will lean in Big data with Python will be totally Real Time , we covered total 10+ Assignemt and 4+ project which will give u the flavor of Real time.

what is computer and programming language
python enviroment setup
python varaible
python Decision Making (if,elif and else statements)
python list part 1
python list part 2
python Tuples
python SET
python String
python Dictionary
python Exceptions handling
python Functions
python Regex
python Date and Time
python File operation Text
python File operation CSV
python File operation JSON
python OOPS
python Inheritance
python lamda
python map
python filter
python Sending Email
pymysql introduction
pymysql part 1
pymysql part 2
pymysql part 3

MYSQL Clause part 1
MYSQL Clause part 2
MYSQL Clause part 3
MYSQL Clause part 4
MYSQL PART 1 Assignment
MYSQL PART 2 Assignment
MYSQL PART 3 Assignment
MYSQL PART 4 Assignment

what is Hadoop Distributed FIle System
How the data is stored in HDFS
what is Block
what is replication Factor
HDFS command part1
HDFS command part 2

pyspark introduction
pyspark ecosystem
pyspark RDD
pyspark dataframe
pyspark HDFS Connection
pyspark windowing Function

Sqoop – Introduction
Sqoop import part 1
Sqoop import part 2
Sqoop import part3
Sqoop – Import All Tables
Sqoop – Export
Sqoop – eval
sqoop list databases
sqoop list tables

HIVE Introduction
HIVE create and drop database
Hive internal and external Table
Hive datatypes
Hive Query part 1
Hive Query part 2
hive built in Functions
hive buit in operation
hive views and indexes
hive partition and bucketing

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I am doing classes from Huntsville, Alabama, USA.
Akash is an excellent teacher. His videos are extremely detailed and he explains every topic with relentless enthusiasm. If you have a fear of coding, trust me, after finishing the course you will be smiling ear to ear while you code. I highly recommend it and giving 5 out of 5 stars.

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